Man! I used to turn the basketball over consistently.

On Instagram , you don’t see the turnovers , you don’t see the messups.
My coaches always told me; “Look man , you’re quick, but you need to learn how to change speeds”

So, the secret that the coach gave me , for being a little guard was;
“Be Quick, but NOT in a Hurry”
John Wooden said that and it’s one of the best pieces of advice that I can ever give to really small, undersized guards.
So, Always be Quick here , but don’t hurry.
Because coaches want somebody who is Low risk, High Reward.
They want five assists, maybe one turnover or no turnovers.
The only way you can do that is by Being Quick here, but not in a hurry.
Take that to heart , I promise you it will put you lightyears above the competition. 

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