Hey, Myson Jones here , Director of South Carolina Playmakers, and I want to give you some background context as to:
-what this team is about.
-why are we doing it this year.
-why it is imparative to the list
-hear about the option we have going on.

So, as a high school player , I wasn’t always confident that I was going to get a basketball scholarship. I thought that I worked hard enough for one, and that I should earn one.

But, there were certain things that coaches told me that helped me along the process.

Academics – Basketball – Character
I had a coach, Coach Skip Prosser from Wake Forest University, he taught us about the ABC’s of Basketball and getting a college scholarship.
And, what the majority wants is not actually what coaches are always looking for .

Everybody wants to score the Basketball ,but we named this team the #PlayMakers , because that’s what coaches really need.

High risk , low reward type of players.

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